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Hello Adin! Your upcoming book is stunning! Sprinting Through No Man's Land.  It's astonishing.  I studied creative writing at Yale and the University of California/Santa Cruz, and literature and mythology at edgy Reed College (where Steve Jobs went), where I was briefly an undergrad before ending up at Yale.  My writing and counseling projects, since the 90s, have been covered by the New York Times, CNN, USA Today, Time, Redbook, Oprah Winfrey, and other major-media outlets.  I am now working on a project - my main current project - that has a major focus on the writing of Ernest Hemingwaym who of course rose to fame through his superb writing about World War I and its violent and brutal impact.  Perhaps we could collaborate in minor ways, perhaps in more significant ways.  A friend of mine has published, just a few years ago - through HarperCollins - an earth-shaking book on Hemingway:  Writer, Sailer, Soldier, Spy.  He is Nicholas Reynolds, former curator of the CIA museum, and I lived near him in Arlington Virginia as he wrote then published this book.  You might want to meet him. My own current work is on "Male Emotional Intelligence" - or "Male EQ."  Harvard Business Review has called EQ "a paradigm-shattering" concept, and emotional intelligence has also been heralded by prestigious Science magazine and even the Dalai Lama!  Your "Sprinting" looks to be an intense look at the savaged emotions those war-blasted soldiers were seeking to heal during that incredible 1919 Tour de France.  My feeling is that I could suggest very specific ways that your book might gain major-media attention, before / upon / and after publication, in part by tying it to the emotionally destructive impact of our current exploding crises.  In any event, it would be great to connect with such a strong writer as you clearly are.  The world today needs rising new writers with high-powered insights.  I'm at jcyalie@gmail.com if you'd care to connect.  Good luck and all the best! John (JC) Craig.

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