What’s all this then?

I’m Adin, a writer and teacher in Brooklyn, NY. I’m the author of Sprinting Through No Man’s Land (Little A, 2021) and These Bones Can Speak, out in 2025. Some of my shorter work has appeared in outlets like New York Times Magazine, The Atlantic, The Paris Review Daily, Catapult (RIP), and others.

In this newsletter, I’ll describe details that slip between the cracks of what makes it onto the page. Sometimes that’s dispatches from research trips, other times archival rabbit holes I’ve found myself wandering around on the bottom of. Other times I like to turn it over to others who meet the same paper stacks I do. I’m giving myself broad editorial leeway; I guess that’s the advantage of a one-man newsletter operation.

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What does and doesn't make it onto the page.


Adin Dobkin

Author of Sprinting Through No Man's Land and These Bones Can Speak (forthcoming). Creative writing instructor.