The (public) start of a new project

February 2022

Following a Rapha Prestige ride

May 2021

What do photos tell us about the Tour de France?

January 2021

Hi All, I realize over the past year or more I’ve mused about various elements related to the writing then editing and production of Sprinting Through…

December 2020

Since finishing work with my editor, a near-constant back-and-forth between myself and the production team at Little A has started, only slowing this…

April 2020

A little more than two weeks ago, a book manuscript was sent to my editor for her first round of edits. The passivity feels appropriate. That email was…

July 2019

Reader, I’m writing this after pulling my head out of writing for the day. Last Friday, I got back to the U.S. from a research trip to France. I wound…

May 2019

And other thoughts on how I get (some) of my ideas
Coming to terms with building an authorial brand

December 2018

A thank you to writers

November 2018

And some news
I don’t care much for newsletters. On occasion, they’re useful. More often, they’re not. Sometimes I use them to follow the work of others who are…